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Expertise and Experience:
BioMark Forensics undertakes the examination of forensic evidence for the legal profession, primarily in criminal defence cases.

Our Experts have many years' experience in their respective fields, and have prepared detailed reports (which can be produced in Section 9 statement format) and have given Expert advice and Expert Witness testimony at Court in numerous cases.

We are also members of various professional organisations and have been vetted by Expert Witness bodies relevant to each Expert's individual field of expertise, including The Forensic Science Society, The International Association for Identification and the UK Register of Expert Witnesses.

Evidence examinations we are typically able to carry out include:

Alcohol Back Calculations & comments on the effects of alcohol levels;
Audio Evidence (including authentication, enhancement and voice comparisons);
Blood Pattern Analysis (blood spatter / splatter);
CCTV / Video Evidence (including clothing comparisons, object comparisons, interpretation of actions, enhancements, height estimations, 'body mapping' and ‘facial mapping’);
Crime Scene Examination evidence;
DNA evidence (including STR, Y-STR and LCN);
Drug and Medication effects and interactions;
Fibre and Hair evidence;
Fingerprints and Palm Print comparisons / evidence;
Fire Investigation;
Footwear / Shoe Marks and Tool / Instrument Marks;
Fraudulent Documents, Handwriting and Signature Comparisons;
Glass Damage and Fragments;
Injury Analysis / Causes and Medical Evidence (including Pathologists, Psychologists and Psychiatrists);
Mobile Phone Evidence (including cell site analysis and SIM card examinations);
Toxicology (including testing of samples for specific substances);
Transcriptions (draft and verified).

On receipt of relevant information, we are happy to provide detailed quotes, which typically include the Expert's CV and list of 'dates to avoid'. Our hourly rates for Legal Aid cases are kept within the amounts permitted in 'Schedule 6 of The Criminal Defence Service (Funding) (Amendment) Order 2011'.

Should you require a quote for a specific case, please send as much of the following to us:

Details of the work you require and your full contact information;
Any deadlines, the current trial date and location;
A brief case summary
Counsel's Advice;
All Experts'/Scientists' statements relating to the evidence you want examined.

We are happy to provide initial advice by telephone free of charge.

We look forward to working with you.
Experts in-house:
Our Experts include:

Mrs. Nikki Smith, Fingerprint Expert: Fingerprint Expert & Crime Scene Examiner
Mrs. Victoria Jenkins, BSc(Hons) CBiol MIBiol: Forensic Pharmacologist & Toxicologist
Mrs. Deborah Weeks, BSc(Hons): Forensic Chemist
Dr. Sara Short, BSc(Hons) PhD MAE MFSSOC: Forensic Biologist
Mr. Rob Butler, IEng MIIE(elec): Forensic Audio, Video & Imagery Expert;
Mr. Ray Jenkins, BSc MSc: Forensic Chemist
Lawyer Referees:
Ms. Kirsty Craghill
Mulrooney Craghill Solicitors
44 Grand Parade
East Sussex
Tel.: 01273 692020

Ms. Coral Solan
Crown Court Case Manager
Cartwright Clark Ltd.
1st Floor
Ashton House
403 Silbury Boulevard
Central Milton Keynes
Tel.: 01908 325600

In case you have not worked with us before, the following is just a small selection of comments received from our Clients:

"We are most grateful indeed for your prompt service and the high level of professionalism that you always show this firm. We cannot thank you enough for providing this report prior to the trial date."

"Mr. ***** was acquitted yesterday of both charges [Murder and Manslaughter] and is now a free man again. Thank you very much for your assistance. The reports I am sure played a large part in securing the acquittal."

"Counsel asked that I pass on to you that in his experience your report is one of the most thorough and well laid out he has seen in a long time. Once again thank you for your report."

"You were kind enough to prepare a report and give evidence before ***** Crown Court. After a short deliberation the jury found Mr.***** Not Guilty. On behalf of ourselves and our client thank you for your valuable input in those proceedings."

"Thank you for your hard work turning around the report in such a short space of time. I am pleased to confirm the case against our client was dismissed. We served your report on the Crown who I am sure felt their case weakened considerably from that point."

"The Crown Prosecution Service have reviewed your report and have taken the sensible decision to discontinue these proceedings. Thank you for your assistance and your very helpful report."

Lawyer referees can recommend the services of this expert based upon their own professional experience in working with them. They are not liable for any future loss arising out of any act or omission by this expert.