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Corporate Profile

Single Joint Expert

Type of Cases:

Approx 50/ year

Various – Multi-Disciplinary

Court Appearances
Approx. 8/ year

Expert Witness Categories: Abattoirs, Access Platforms, Access Ramps, Air Conditioning Systems, Alarm Systems, Appliances, Arson, Basements, Belt Conveyors, Bicycles, Blast Furnaces, Blockwork, Boilers, Boundary Disputes, Brickwork, Bridges, Building Damage, Building Engineering, Building Regulations, Building Work Disputes, Bulk Handling Machinery, Canals, Car Parks, Cements, Central Heating, Chemical Engineering, Chimneys, Civil Engineering, Combustion, Corrosion, Cranes, Curtain Walls, Dams, Demolition, Design Engineering, Docks, Doors, Double Glazing, Drainage, Drilling Engineering
Effluent, Electrical Machinery, Electricity Power Lines, Elevators / Lifts, Engineering Consultancy, Environmental Impact Assessment, Excavation, Fairgrounds, Fire Investigation, Flooding, Flooring, Forensic Science, Forklift Accidents, Fractography, Fuel Systems, Fumes, Gas Engineering, Handling Machinery, Harbours, Hazardous Waste, Heating Systems, Heavy Vehicles, Highways Engineering, Historic Buildings, Incinerators, Industrial Safety, Intellectual Property, Jetties, Kilns, Lifting Equipment, Lifts / Elevators, Lighting, Lock Gates, Machinery Guarding, Marine Accidents, Marine Engineering, Masonry, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgy, Microscopical Examination, Motor Vehicles – Forensic Examination, Offshore Engineering, Patents, Playgrounds, Plumbing, Pollution, Railway Engineering, Recycling, Rising Damp, Road Accidents, Roofing, Safe Systems of Work, Scaffolding, Subsidence, Swimming Pools, Thermal Insulation, Tunnelling, Turbines, Valves, Ventilation Systems, Vibration, Waste Management, Water Mains, Welding

We are a group of engineers and scientists distinguished by our depth and breadth of experience. We are all experienced practitioners and most of us are chartered engineers, members of a wide variety of professional bodies.

We operate in many disciplines including mechanical, electrical, energy, building services, civil and structural engineering, metallurgy and materials.

Expert witness appointments form a major part of our work and all staff have experience of preparing or assisting with reports. Senior staff have given evidence in court, arbitration, mediation and expert determination.

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Address: Moncrieff House, 69 West Nile Street, Glasgow G1 2QB email: Use the form below. Tel: 0141 2707060 Fax: 0141 2707061

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Moncrieff House, 69 West Nile Street, Glasgow G1 2QB
55.8624199, -4.255028300000049
0141 2707060