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Callout: If you have an urgent problem, or perhaps are unsure as to the type of expertise required for your case, "Callout" will send an email to all of our registered experts in medical or non-medical categories.

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Who Are We? X-Pro was launched in April 2006. It was conceived by a small group of practising barristers with international experience who, in the course of their work, became aware that existing hard copy directories were almost impossibly difficult to use, whilst online directories were often out of date and search options limited. We asked ourselves what we look for in an expert and unanimously agreed that it was not necessarily an array of impressive qualifications. Better still would be a recommendation from a solicitor or barrister that had instructed the expert in the past. In our view there was simply no better recommendation than one from a fellow professional.

Experts were consulted, and the feedback obtained largely concurred with this view. Furthermore, many felt that some directories offered poor value for money - they were overpriced and did little more than provide a list. Nothing was produced by the publishers on a regular basis that offered something of value to either expert or lawyer.

X-Pro was therefore born out of a unique perspective - knowing what lawyers wanted and recognising the flaws in what was on offer from our potential competitiors. The core features had to be:

  • Low cost for experts
  • Direct, secure access by experts to their own profile - instantaneous updates
  • Extensive expert profiles with a sound option
  • Lawyer recommendations with email links

Since launch, we are delighted to have forged a partnership with Bond Solon who will give a discount to our registered experts on their training courses. We have also recently obtained provisional CPD accreditation from the Law Society with a view to providing some online learning with our members for solicitors throughout the UK. Our monthly newsletter is well received by experts and legal professionals alike, and articles are provided by both. X-Pro is more than just another register and is a useful interface between legal professionals and experts everywhere.